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Cherry blossom wire wrap

My friends are moving out of the Washington DC area, so I made this wire wrap Cherry Blossom Tree for them to take with them! I hope they will hang it in a window in their new home. May it be a reminder of the wonderful blossoms of the trees that return to make us smile each spring as well as the friendships that bloomed here and keep our hearts smiling forever!

Made with a mix of gemstone chips including pink quartz, amethyst and peridot.


Welcome 2018! Here are some of my new creations.

Wire wrap pendants

Using natural stones in my wire wrap pendants.

Let the sun shine in!

I call my hanging crystals “Sun smiles”. This one includes pottery made by my mom! Given to beloved family members as an engagement gift. 


Wire wrap with Jasper


Fun with tumbled stones and wire


My son gave me rocks for my birthday!


He will be 23 this year, but when he was little, he and his sister (now 19) were always picking up rocks.  Little smooth pebbles, big ones with shiny streaks in them, rough, dirty, polished! For a while I had rocks in every coat pocket and in the bottom of every purse. In fact I came upon a few recently that my kids had collected in a shoe box and even had a “Guide to Rock Identification” tucked inside. It made me smile.

Yesterday he told me a story about taking the kids (in the after-school program where he works ) to a place where they could “mine” for precious stones. The smile on his face and joy in his voice as he told us about the kids jumping in the mud and being delighted with their colored stones was nothing compared to the twinkle in his eyes when he handed me a small pile and told me he “mined” them for me.

So, I turned one of them into a sun smile, and I will cherish it and smile every time I see it!

My kids are great! I love you guys!

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