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Who knew?


It is said that “Variety is the spice of life” … Perhaps it is…
But, I know that for me, Creating variety is a treasured “spice” in my life!
   Truth be told, most of these creations “spice up” the lives of my family and friends! It makes me smile when I see one of my pieces worn by a coworker or family member. And when someone says, “I wear it all the time and I broke it, can you fix it?” how can I refuse? After all, it is a compliment that the person does not simply throw it away ~ so many things are disposable these days…
  When I was a kid, a teacher asked us to write an essay about how we wanted to be remembered (sort of a historical perspective of a life I had not yet lived).  Back then I tended towards the vague, flowery, impulsive – goody-goody thinking of an artsy- ” flower child” growing up in a decade when we were told we could be any thing we dreamed! Gone was the idea that I was destined to select between Secretary and Mommy.  My teacher told us we could do ANY THING!
  I remember I wrote about “helping people ”  (I think I was rather vague about how ~ I might have been in my “become a teacher ” phase, not yet in my ” graphic artist” or “child development researcher ” phase ).  I believe I ended that essay musing that (whatever it was) I hoped people would think of me and smile because I had  “made a difference ” in their life and brightened it in some way.
    After many years, many permutations of the dream, and much tedious hard work (back then I did not realize that reaching our dreams required  such hard work!).  I know I am making a “difference ” in people’s lives as a Clinical Psychologist.  My clinical work brings me satisfaction far beyond what my flimsy attempt at writing in a blog* can describe. And that makes me smile.
   But, to think that a piece of my jewelry might get handed down as a “treasured  heirloom” to granddaughters for years to come… That makes me laugh out loud and smile ear to ear!  Teacher of the past, whoever you were, this is not something I could have predicted! Thank you universe, for continuing to teach me and inspire me! And THANK YOU to my family and friends who continue to enjoy the variety of impulsive and unpredictable colors and patterns that come from my heart and bring me hours of peaceful meditation while I create!  I truely think this falls into the category of :
* especially a blog that I know my fantastically beautiful and talented English Major daughter, Hannah, is reading! P.s. being the mother of my two wonderful children and watching THEM make a difference in the world makes me smile the biggest smile of all!

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