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Cheerful, fun Badge holders for back to school teachers! Thanks for all you do!



No more wondering where I put my glasses!

Have you ever found your glasses in the fridge? Or stretched them out on your head? Or they slid across the front dash of the car and you cannot reach them in the blinding sun? My new clip can HELP!

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Season started well in Westchester, sharing my designs was so much fun! Reston Craft Market opens first weekend in May!

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, eyeglass holders,

 badge holders, sun catchers and more!

Many styles and colors to choose from!    

find something special for Mother’s Day,

Graduations, Weddings, Birthdays, Mitzvahs

or simply to say “I care”

reasonably priced for everyday wear!

Like a discount? Bring old, broken or unwanted strands of beads to exchange for up to 50% off!


Happy New Year! Start with a new badge holder

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Badge holders can brighten your day! These all have magnetic catches that will open rather than strangle you if the holder catches on some thing.  Different ends can be added to accomodate different types of badges. Price range: $15 – $20. email me if interested in placing an order

I add new jewelry all the time

If you see something you like, email me for details, price, etc.  If you want something in a particular color, email me, I might be able to help!!  Anyone who brings unwanted* strands of beads to donate or beads you want made into something special will get a discount on a future purchase. 

*unwanted by you, wanted by me.

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have a jewelry show at your home or office!

host a jewelry show

Badge Holders don’t have to be boring

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If you have to wear a badge at work, it might as well be fun

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