My unique bead designs

While learning about Aroma Therapy and the value Essential Oils can have for my psychotherapy clients (the scope of which is far beyond what I can write about here ), my oil consultant commented on the jewelry I make. Learning that Lava stone is a natural diffuser, I have begun designing with it to create WEARABLE AROMA THERAPY JEWELRY! Please let me know what you think! Contact me at  to purchase!


Wearable aroma therapy!


Clip a diffuser any where, or use an “eye-gotcha” to find your glasses and diffuse your favorite oil!


A key chain, helps bring the aroma in the car with you!


A fidget for adults or kids.


Use with any essential oils


This addition to a fan pull allows the scent to gently fill the air.


Add zipper pulls to children’s clothing.


Earrings gently diffuse essence all day.

I love noticing the scent every now and then! Reminds me to take a deep breath and be MINDFULL!


Comments on: "Lava beads act as diffusers so you can benefit from your aroma therapy all day!" (1)

  1. Jody Tompros said:

    Hi Sarita, I love the idea. I’ve been using essential oils for about 10 years. I think it would be great to have jewelry that absorbs the oils. At work I usually burn the oils and it burns out the healing properties. It would be great to have a few pieces to wear that carry the healing properties in the stone.

    The way that your jewelry passion is shifting and changing is quite remarkable. Keep going!! You are on to some big things. Thanks and love you!# Jody

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